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Why disrupt your day–and your pet–with the stress and inconvenience of cars and waiting rooms? Let the vet come to you and your best friend!

Dr. Stover offers two veterinary clinic options: doorstep visits and our new local mobile vet clinic.


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stover van, mobile veterinary clinic, vet clinic, house calls, vet house calls, pet house calls, Stover Veterinary Services, Tiffin, Ohio

Local Mobile Visit

Schedule an appointment in your local community and bring your pet to us.

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House Calls

For those who prefer to keep your pet in its natural environment, we’ll come to you.

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Regardless of your choice above, Dr. Stover’s mobile vet unit
is equipped to provide the following services:

Routine Yearly

Annual examinations allow for earlier detection and treatment of illness and disease.

Individualized Medical Recommendations

Individualized Medical Recommendations tailored to your pet’s age, lifestyle, and medical condition, relating to heartworm and flea prevention, intestinal parasite prevention, vaccination, blood work and testing schedules.


General Illness Examination

Most eye, ear, and skin diseases, along with gastrointestinal and orthopedic problems, may be diagnosed and treated in our mobile clinic. If further diagnostics are required or symptoms are severe, patients will be referred to a traditional clinic for more intensive work-up and treatments.


Laboratory Services

Routine parasite examination (heartworm and intestinal parasites), serum chemistry, hematology, urinalysis as well as monitoring thyroid, phenobarbital and blood glucose levels.



Surgical Services  

Dr. Stover performs a wide variety of non-emergency surgical procedures on Monday and Wednesday mornings. Common surgeries performed are spay, neuter, declaw, lump removals, and dental cleanings.


Dental Services  

Teeth cleaning and polishing, simple tooth extractions, and minor oral surgery, all performed under anesthesia for your pet’s safety and comfort


Puppy and Kitten
Litter Exams

Are you a breeder? Avoid the challenge of transporting those wriggling litters with a home visit!


Euthanasia and
Body Care Options

When having to say goodbye, owners should be able to focus on their pet and not the environment. If home burial is not an option, a pet cremation service is utilized for communal or individualized cremations. The individualized cremains will be delivered to your home in a cherry urn with an engraved plaque.

Full Pharmacy at Your Door

Dr. Stover carries a full line of pharmaceuticals to aid your pet. Oral medications are provided on-site as well as some topicals. An online pharmacy can deliver heartworm, intestinal worms, flea and tick prevention to your door! Specialized foods and long-term medicines can be delivered using this service as well.

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